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"William Blake said that "great things are done when men and mountains meet." This is a fitting description of painter Kevin Raines and the magic that happens when he hikes the Adirondack Mountains to begin a new painting."


-Athena Roth, Regional OFFICE of Sustainable Tourism / Lake Placid

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Born out of a deep concern for environmental conservation Kevin’s landscapes reflect his love of the outdoors and celebrate the extraordinary beauty and wildness of nature. Many of the images he paints are a result of collaborative work with individuals and organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The Adirondack Council, The Audubon Society, and UNESCO.

Collaboratively, Kevin identifies unique biological webs and ecosystems and then accesses a site by foot or boat in order to paint in the field. Through this process of research and physical immersion into the landscape Kevin integrates site specific ecological and anthropological information into each image, fusing his artistic response to nature’s beauty with the geological forms and living organisms that make each site unique. His work is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Kevin's home and studio are located in the hamlet of Wadhams, NY.


Specialties: Plein air landscapes and figural landscapes created in the field in all seasons, weather conditions, and commissioned sporting portraits.

"Take any primordial or compromised wildlands, artist Kevin Raines is there with paint and brushes to capture the natural landscape wherever he may be in the world." 


Robin Caudell, Press-Republican


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